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All your Bridal Queries Answered

How Do I Secure My Date With You and Do You Have a Minimum Booking Fee?

Your wedding date is secured once your deposit has been paid. Your £100 deposit is deducted from your booking total. I’ll then send you a booking confirmation, and you’re in!
I have a £385 minimum booking fee for all peak season weekend dates in 2024. 

Buxted Park Crowborough

Do I Need A Bridal Trial?

Bridal trials are required for every bride that books. The reason being, is that wedding mornings are definitely not the time to be trying out different hair styles, or makeup colours. The trial gives us both the opportunity to perfect your look, as well as the chance to get to know each other before your day so you don’t feel like there’s a stranger hanging out with you on your wedding morning! You’ll feel much more relaxed when you know you don’t have to worry about how you might look. (Bridesmaids/MOB trials are optional)

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When And Where Will My Trial Take Place?

I recommend having a trial 6 - 12 weeks before your wedding day. If you have it too early then a lot of factors might change, i.e. you might change your hair cut/colour, or the seasons will be different so your skin tone might be different. But ultimately it's your trial so its up to you!

Trials are held at my home BN3 on Fridays. I don't hold trials in the school holidays and have limited weekend trial dates by request only.


What Happens At A Trial?

The trial is where we get to know all about you, your wedding, how you got engaged, and all the lovely details around your big day!
We chat about your hair & makeup likes and dislikes over a cup of tea, and of course what your dream look for your special day is. We can try a couple of looks - try a different lipstick shade or go from a natural makeup to a more glam makeup. Its completely up to you, it's your trial. 
Read my 'What To Expect At A Bridal Trial' blog to find out more!


How Long Does A Trial Take?

Trials generally take between 1.5 - 3.5 hours depending on whether we’re trialling both hair and makeup or just one or the other. 

I always suggest having your trial earlier in the day rather than the evening so that you can get used to the look, see how it lasts during the day, take plenty of selfies and look at yourself in the mirror in natural daylight. That way you have plenty of time to pin point the elements that you really love and anything that isn't quite perfect we can make note of and change on the day.


What Kind Of Hair & Makeup Should I Choose?

Start by getting inspiration from Pintrest, google, Instagram and magazines to get an idea of the styles you like Pintrest is a great way to collate everything you like! Your makeup should be an enhanced version of what you might normally wear. For example, if you usually go for the natural look, stick to neutral colours but slightly bolder. Above all, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and enjoy every aspect of your wedding day. The same goes for if you always wear a red lipstick, don't change it for your wedding day just because you think you should.


What Brands Do You Use?

I use lots of high end brands - Some of my favourites include Charlotte Tilbury, Mac, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Fenty the list goes on! I have my tried and tested favourites from each brand and I tailor the products I use depending on your skin type and look you're going for.


I Have A Large Bridal Party, Can You Fit Us All In?

YES! I work with a number of experienced hair & makeup artists so depending on the time of the wedding and number of services your party is having I may bring another artist with me. No booking is too big for Petal Blush. For each additional artists there is a £80 additional fee.


Will My Makeup Last All Day?

Yes, but you will need to re-apply your lipstick every couple of hours and if there are tears, dab them don't wipe! I will always uses waterproof mascara at weddings and I prefer to use cluster lashes just in case!


I don't usually wear much makeup - I don't want to look like a clown!

Makeup is a very personal and subjective thing, which is why it's important to have a trial for your wedding. That is the time where we figure out what you are comfortable with and we make sure that you're going to feel like yourself. That being said, on your wedding day you will most likely be wearing a little more makeup than normal day-to-day. this is to ensure it last the whole day, and looks beautiful in photos.


What would you recommend for a bridal makeup look?

Your bridal makeup should enhance your natural beauty and should reflect how you usually wear your makeup, just a little more glam! Most brides go for a natural look, but if you are never seen without your red lippy or love your eye-liner flick, then you should wear the makeup that's going to make you feel good. Having said that, even for a very natural look I would usually define your features a little more than normal everyday makeup, so that everything shows up well in the photographs - this isn't a normal everyday-day after all!


Should I have my hair up or down?

Think about the neckline and style of your dress - is it modern and unusual or a classic shape? Choose a hair style that will compliment it. Will you feel comfortable with all your hair back, or do you usually like to have some hair down? Your wedding hair can reflect your personality! Your face shape is important too. I love half up half down styles as they have the feeling of being down but with the bonus of being out of your face.


What Areas Do you Cover

I am based in Hove East Sussex, but cover all of Sussex, Surrey and Kent including Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, East Grinstead and Worthing.

Crowborough wedding hair and makeup artist

How Should I Prep My Hair Before Styling?

Please ensure hair is clean and dry for hair styling. Ultimately you know your hair best, so if you love your hair freshly washed or it gets oily very quickly then wash and dry on the morning of your wedding, but if you prefer it on day 2 after washing then wash and dry it the day before! It is much better to have clean hair for styling, I use plenty of products to help create the perfect texture for achieving your perfect bridal hair.

Crowborough Wedding Bridal Artist

Will You Send Me a Timeline For the Morning?

Yes, I will create a personalised wedding morning schedule for you and your bridal party so everyone know where they need to be at what time.

Crowborough Hair and Makeup Artist
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