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Hair Prep

 Here are some tips to prep your hair for the big day!

Prep is important. The better you prep, the more time we have to create and the better the end style will be!

Tunbridge Wells  wedding hairstylist

- Please arrive with your hair completely dry. Your style will not hold on wet or damp hair. I won't have a hairdryer with me and having damp hair could delay the morning schedule or we will have less time to create a gorgeous style for you!

- Having a clean scalp free of product and oil build up is important, a style will not hold on dirty hair. Ultimately, you know your hair best and for most,  "clean" hair can be achieved by washing the night before or morning of the wedding.

- When washing I recommend doing a double shampoo (so wash with shampoo twice).  Do a good scrub to really clean the scalp, and not forgetting to get underneath your hair and over the ears too! Use a little condition on your ends only and to avoid the roots ensuring you rinse well. Blow-dry as smooth as you can with a paddle or round brush and avoid using any serums and hair masks the day before.

You may need to use a clarifying shampoo to ensure there is no oil or product build up residue remaining in the hair. Any oil or product build up will compromise the products I can use and will therefore effect the execution and longevity of your style.

- If you have naturally curly hair and want to wear your natural curls in your style, pay attention to the day after washing that your curls look their best and try to coordinate with the wedding day. Use your regular styling products and we can touch up any unruly hairs to mimic your natural curl pattern.


- If you have naturally curly hair and want a sleek, smooth or straighter looking style then you will need to blowout as smooth as possible prior to your appointment or wedding day.


- Part your hair where you think you’d most likely want to style for the wedding day. Once your hair dries in a certain way  it's rough to switch it.


- Don't throw your hair in a bun in the morning.  Please do not throw your hair into a ponytail or messy bun the morning of the wedding. This can cause unwanted kinks and dents in the hair. If you need to pull it back away from your face, pull it half back using a claw clip or loosely with a silk scrunchie.

- Don't go to sleep with your hair wet or in a messy bun. After shampooing your hair, please make sure it is completely dry before going to sleep. Sleeping with wet hair or hair up can not only damage or break your hair, but it can also cause your hair to become more frizzy and also can add unwanted textures to the hair- creating a less than perfect canvas to work with.

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