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What Kind Of Bride Are You?

Your wedding day will be filled with many special little touches that reflect your personality and style.

Some brides have been dreaming of their wedding day since they were small, whilst others never gave it a second thought until they met ’the one’ and some brides would rather jet off and avoid wedding stress all together! Which bride are you?

The Natural Bride

The natural brides look is soft and understated. She wants a beautifully soft and natural makeup look and romantic, loose hair. She might have a half up do with some lovely loose curls or perhaps a textured updo with loose strands carefully placed for softness. She’ll go for a pink nude lip and individual lashes to subtly enhance her eyes. She'll opt for a wild bouquet of seasonal flowers with a variety of different colours, flowers, and foliage! I love Bryony Mae Flowers for this type of bouquet for celebrating the natural world.

Timeless bride

The timeless bride prefers tradition and simple elegance to over the top extravagance. She might opt to have the wedding in her childhood home or a venue that holds special memories for her. Family traditions are bound to be part of the day and her wedding will be an intimate affair that involves her loved ones. She’ll either opt for a sleek chignon or hollywood waves paired with a satin gown which is ultimately timeless, classic and stylish. She might go for a bespoke veil which incorporates something meaningful to her, and be as much of a centrepiece as her dress.

Dramatic Bride

The dramatic bride is the girl who has always had certain flair, one who knows how to make an entrance! For the dramatic bride, presentation is key and her wedding day is her chance to be the star of the show. She's likely to have a dress change for the evening because lets face it, why have 1 wedding dress when you can have 2! She’ll want lots of lashes, highlighter and gloss!

Boho Bride

The boho bride is an outdoor wedding type of girl! She wants her family and friends to feel relaxed, and have lots of fun! Her hair will be soft boho waves with a huge flower crown and a glow makeup look! Her dream wedding includes teepees, macrame, wellies, and a pizza van - this could be the ultimate festival themed wedding. She’ll want documentary style photography that’s relaxed and that showcases honest, natural moments of her wedding day. I love Katherine and her camera for the ultimate relaxed, natural and playful photography.

Romantic Bride

She’s been dreaming about her wedding day since she was a little girl, and marrying her prince charming.The romantic brides ideal venue would be in a castle wearing a full princess style dress and a tiara! She's likely to go for a high updo for her hair with some hair extensions for extra volume and to add the real wow factor to create a beautiful big high bun! She’ll want a breathtaking bouquet of flowers, full of colour and texture. She knows what flowers she wants because they evoke special memories and meaning for her and her partner. I love bloominati florals for romantic bouquets!

DIY Bride

The DIY bride enjoys crafting and being completely involved in the wedding planning process. She will likely be sticking, gluing, cutting and creating as many elements of the day as possible! She's a pro and finding great DIY ideas on Pintrest and probably need a spare bedroom to house all her makings on the run up to the wedding. She's worked so hard on the run up to her big day that she wants to be treated on her wedding morning and having her hair & makeup done is the perfect reward!

The Elopement Bride

This bride doesn't want the stress of planning a wedding and would much rather elope and have a beautiful wedding holiday abroad! Whether it’s eloping to the romantic city of Verona in Italy or flying to Vegas to be married by Elvis - this wedding is sure to be lots of fun, with plenty of good food and of course an extra long honeymoon. This bride wants fun, sunny, and bright photos that capture their elopement! This bride doesn't want to spend ages posing for couple photos, but instead want to have quirky natural shots taken by landmarks! Paloma is queen of fun and relaxed photography!

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